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Library: About Us

Library Mission

Fundamental to the operations of the THS library is the school’s vision of being a leading centre of innovation, creativity and excellence in teaching and learning.

The library supports THS in enriching lives through learning. We encourage a reading culture that leads to lifelong readers, the development of research skills, critical thinking and using information effectively and with integrity.

THS library is multipurpose, and can be used in independent, small and whole class group contexts. Our aim is timely provision to students and staff of current and relevant physical and online resources using TALIS, LibGuides portal and Overdrive.


The library is staffed by

  • Mrs Serita Beattie (Mon - Thurs)
  • Miss Sarah Ryan (Fri)

and supported by

  • Mrs Rosanne Thompson (when not assisting with first aid/admin duties)


Students may borrow up to 8 items at a time, which includes subject related texts and musical instruments. In addition to the 8 item limit, students may borrow from the digital library which contains over 300 fiction ebook titles, and a more limited range of audiobooks.

All books may be borrowed for up to three weeks, except for graphic novels and magazines which have a one week loan period. Subject related items (e.g.musical instruments, class novels) will have an appropriate lending period according to the subject requirement.

Some digital equipment and laptops may be borrowed for one lesson if required by a subject teacher to complete a course related task.



The Library Layout

The library is multipurpose, and can be used for independent, small and whole class groups. There are a number of differing sized spaces, utilising a range of desk and seating arrangements. This allows differing group needs to be accommodated. There is access to desktops, laptops and a big screen as well as various combinations of tables, comfy chairs and beanbags. 

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