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Library: Referencing

Referencing systems

At THS, there is effort to be consistent with the referencing systems that are used beyond high school. 

Therefore, two different referencing systems are used, consistent with Hobart College requirements and these are dependent on the subject being studied.

  • English requires the MLA system.
  • All other subjects use the Harvard style.

Requirements for referencing do differ in varying locations as well as in different subject areas. Becoming familiar with these two different styles and being able to adapt to the requirements provides a sound basis for transition to further study.

Plagiarism: How to avoid it

Bainbridge State College (2010)

What is referencing?

When completing an assignment, essay or report, the sources of information used in student work must be acknowledged. This is called referencing.

  • All information quoted, referred to, or used from other people's work must be clearly acknowledged. This refers to text as well as other information such as maps, tables, graphs, music or photos, for example.
  • Physical sources (e.g. books, manuscripts, newspapers) need to be referenced as well as all online sources.
  • Referencing not only adds credibility to the work being produced, it allows others to follow up if more information is required and acknowledges the creator of the information.
  • Failure to do so is called plagiarism, a dishonest practice, because someone else's words or ideas are assumed to be the students' own.
  • Penalties for plagiarism can be severe especially as students move on to College and/or University where these can include reduced marks, failure on an assignment or even course failure.

What is a reference list?

  • This is an alphabetical list of all the sources of information which have been referred to, or cited in the assignment.
  • It is placed at the end of the work.
  • It is normally headed "Reference List" and should be arranged alphabetically by the author's surname. 
  • By contrast, a bibliography includes sources that were consulted but are not necessarily cited in the assignment. 

Referencing generator

Cite This For Me is a free generator tool designed to help students prepare their whole bibliography or reference list quickly and easily.

1. Add the reference (choose the source type such as website, book, DVD) by filling in the form. Some of the form will be automatically filled out for you if the sources are recognised.

2. Choose the citation style - don't forget: English = MLA, All other subjects = Harvard

3. Copy and paste the citations into your own document.


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